Nim Website Creator

NimWC is a new open-source tool for generating websites on the fly. It is possible to customize the frontend code for all pages or for specific pages. This flexibility gives the user the power instead of given the power to the platform.

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By utilizing the powerful language Nim, NimWC is compiled to C code, which is runnable on almost all platforms. This further more makes it incredibly easy to host NimWC on e.g. Amazon or on a Raspberry Pi.

Open source

All of NimWC code is available to the public. Any Nim programmer can contribute with improvements and new features. The codebase is built upon modules, which makes it easy to add new features and plugins.


NimWC is not a replacement for Wordpress but an alternative. NimWC is a self-hosted solution with a minimum of requirements which also ensures, that there are fewer dependencies.

One-click install

Setup NimWC in no time. Install using Nim's package manager Nimble, use the Docker template or use the AutoInstall script.

Plugin Store

Its like an App Store but for features - newsletters, backup, etc. Install plugins within the browser - a feature, a click.

Speed + Security

Written using the Nim programming language to ensure high performance. Firejail, 2 Factor Authentication and honeypot.

Install & Run

The installation tool Nimble will take of all the dependencies - just run NimWC!


nimble install nimwc



git clone

nim c -r nimwc.nim

Auto install

curl -sSf | sh

Follow the tutorial in the terminal