Nim Website Creator

Open-source website framework

Get started today!

NimWC is a new tool for
generating websites on the fly

  • Explore the dashboard with access to the plugin store
  • Admin configuration of the backend from the browser
  • Custom profiles with Libravatar/Gravatar
  • SEO optimized
  • Secured by self-firejailing and 2FA
  • 1 language for the whole stack
  • C speed
  • Python-like syntax
  • Seamlessly integration with anything that has a C API
  • .. and much more!

Plugin Store

Its like an App Store but for features. Install plugins within the browser - a feature, a click.

Code your ideas into features, create your own Plugin.

Install & Run


nimble install nimwc



git clone

nim c -r nimwc.nim

Auto install

curl -sSf | sh

Follow the tutorial in the terminal

Less code, more performance
use Nim-Lang

Nim compiles to tiny single-file which is a dependency-free optimized native binaries. The C sources will still compile 100 years in the future, will your stack compile 1 year in the future?.

Try NimWC

You can try NimWC without registration or installation.

Login with the test users credentials to explore NimWC options.

Learn more

Visit the Github page to see the examples on how to use NimWC.

Got a question? Open an issue!.

Star Fork Issue

Keep pushing the limits

Can you write YAML? then you can code a web app and a NimWC plugin!

Keep It Simple
this is how a Hello World looks like:

A more complete example